Technology is rapidly changing the way small and medium sized real estate companies operate their business.

I provide these companies the opportunity to access the expertise and capacity of a chief operating officer at a fraction of the cost.

Technology Adoption Consulting

This service is aimed at providing real estate professionals with assistance in successfully adopting technology. I will assist you in identifying needs and requirements and matching that to the most appropriate options available on the market to assure a good match and a successful implementation.

Operations Audit

An audit, sometimes called an environmental scan, is a process aimed at identifying, documenting, and analyzing the status quo within your company. This service provides you with detailed analysis and reporting on where you are doing well, the challenges you face, the technological environment within which you operate and how this can be improved.

Technology Adoption Strategic Plan

A strategic plan provides guidance to your organization about how to adopt technology and manage change. It brings together information about your company’s general business objectives, overall strategy, growth aspirations, culture and talent to lay out a roadmap for the adoption of new systems and business processes to help you operate in a better and more efficient manner.

Technology Adoption Management

Adopting technology requires thoughtful execution. This service helps you identify options available on the market, thoroughly evaluate them and then select and implement the best option for you. Careful consideration is given to the change readiness and digital literacy of your people to assure they will adapt and learn so you can flourish.

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