Position yourself for growth with greater operating efficiency, better trained staff and a roadmap to excellence.


1 Free Exploratory Discussion

We will begin with a brief discussion to establish what your goals and expectations are, and how your business operates so we can find out of we are a good fit.


2 Proposal Development

Once I understand what you are seeking to accomplish, I will write a proposal describing how I envision supporting you. The nature of the work and associated price will be tailored to your needs, although it often follows the service categories described on my Services page.


3 Project Plan

Before we start working, I will build a project plan based on the proposal. This way, we know what we have to do and when we will do it. The plan may change over time, but we must start somewhere.


4 Execution

This is where things get exciting. We start working through the activities listed in the project plan so we can improve your business. We will continue to talk about your needs and revise the plan as needed.

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“I had the pleasure of working for several years with Jeff Barkun, who ran our residential business in Montréal. He is extremely talented at driving efficiencies through the use of technology. He challenged us to improve continuously and pushed us to implement several software solutions that revolutionized parts of our business. He also mentored several of our employees to pursue various important innovations.”

- Dean Mendel, Groupe Forum
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